Please join our effort of housing OKC's most medically vulnerable, homeless neighbors. If you would like to support our work financially, please click on the Donate button to the left. Together we can end chronic homelessness in OKC. Thank you!

Oklahoma City is part of the national 100,000 Homes Campaign. The campaign fundamentally changes the way we think about and respond to chronic homelessness. Oklahoma City spends about $28 million each year on homelessness and nearly 80% of that is spent on the chronic homeless – who are only 20% of our homeless population!

Change agents from across the community are coming together to identify our chronically homeless, prioritize and triage their needs, and move them rapidly into housing with the supportive services they need in order to sustain their housing and begin the long road to finding whatever level of self-sufficiency they can.

The 100,000 Homes campaign in Oklahoma City uses the Housing First model, which other cities have found to DRASTICALLY reduce the cost of homelessness, while simultaneously providing shockingly good outcomes for those in housing. It’s the SMART way to do the RIGHT thing.

UPDATE: In 2013 we housed 217 chronically homeless, medically vulnerable indidviduals with a 97% retention rate!

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United Way Partner

United Way of Central Oklahoma is focused on Successful Kids, Strong Families, Healthy Citizens, Independent Living, and Community Preparedness. Our Partner Agencies have been carefully selected and are reviewed annually. Held to higher standards of accountability than all other local non-profit organizations, they are the most effective service providers in our community.